Customer Feedback Is Important. Here’s How To Get It and 5 Things To Do With It.

Happy customers make a happy business because these customers serve as your brand Ambassadors. They buy more and tell others.

The challenge for small business owners, assuming they’re delivering great service, is how to know what customers are very happy with your business and how to capture this awesome sentiment. It’s also important to know which customers are not happily being serviced.

Freshbooks recently upgraded its financial service to enable customer surveys to be integrated into invoice sending. You send an invoice in Freshbooks, to your customer. Within Freshbooks you can ask your customer “how you’re doing”. They rate you. If the rating is warranted you can share it though social media (integrated into Freshbooks). If the rating was low, well – reach out to the customers and make it right.

Freshbook press release reads, “Small business owners are starved for feedback. But it takes time to ask your clients for this information, and many owners find the process terrifying and awkward,” said Mike McDerment, CEO and co-founder,FreshBooks. “With FreshBooks our customers now have an automated feature that helps them to gather client feedback, increase referral rates, and generate positive reviews for marketing materials with the click of a mouse.”

Once you get a great review here’s some things to do with it:

  • Save it for your sales team to share with other prospects, on sales calls
  • Share the great rating on social media to encourage other customers to check your product and services out
  • Use it to educate your employees in how to serve customers better
  • Be on the lookout for problem customers or employees you might want to fire
  • Find your most loyal customers
Please have a look at what the Net Promoter Score is all about – so you can see how important ratings are.


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