Convert Boring PDFs Into Engaging Guides with Guides.Co

As you’ve built up your web site and provide lots of information to your audience, you probably find that you have lots of PDFs on your web site. A few of them, you can re-work them, update them and make them better. However, if you have an entire library of them it could be unwieldy and hard to manage and difficult for your audience to access.

Another nice thing about is that “Smart Guides” – can be updated in real-time, make documents smarter by collecting analysis on who is reading the content, how much and often they are reading and if they share to their network.

According to their press release, static content such as PDF’s and white papers have traditionally helped serve as a lead generation method. is improving upon this business strategy by providing details that will not just generate leads, but help close business, including:

  • Detailed information about the person reading the content including their location, social profiles, email address and background on their company

  • When the content was accessed and how often the individual accessed said content

  • A heat map that shows how much time an individual spends with the content

  • Detailed information on what articles were shared and on what channels

There are two methods for companies to implement this monthly service. For those who do not have the in-house resources to create content and manage the new interactive page, boasts over 800 qualified freelance writers, editors, designers and videographers who can provide professional, tailored content. For those that want to create guides and self-manage them, the resource center is an easy to use SaaS platform that can be integrated by anyone with no technical expertise.

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