Is Animation A Good Idea for Your Website? Plus 6 Tips For A Great Web Site.

Most of the typical web sites I see of small businesses are dry and boring – lacking in clarify, navigation and imagery – some of the rules in 10 Web Site Musts. However, those business owners who invest the money in a good web site design company or a do it yourself web site service with good templates, often have a web site that looks and functions better.

One simple way to make your web site “come to life” is by adding engaging elements to it. YOU DO NOT want to have your web site looking like Time Square with blinking, beeping and flashing elements all over . However, having one or two key elements that can attract more – could be useful for your web site.

Wix, a do it yourself web site, recently announced that their web site service now enables easy to use animation features. Click on an image or a text and tell Wix that you want to make it animated.

While this is a simple feature, it might go far in adding just one more sale or one more bit of interest to your web site.

Check out the simple animation I used on the web site of the 9th Annual Small Business Summit (top of the site, the registration button)

If you want to have a great web site here’s a few tips:

  • Have great navigation – make it easy to find things
  • Have great design – the web site should LOOK good
  • Have fresh content – make sure the web site is updated on a regular basis
  • Make sure it has keywords and other elements so it’s easily searched by search engines
  • Think about the person viewing your web site – NOT what you like
  • Focus on what you want someone to do on your web site. Buy a product? download something?

Those are a FEW things that can help!

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