Landing Pages Are Important To Drive Leads and Sales. 5 Ways To Make Your Landing Page Rock

Landing Pages Drive Leads and Sales

Every marketer knows the importance of landing pages – those single pages of information that are designed to worked hard to capture a lead or make a sale.

As business owners our job is to market our businesses and sometimes we don’t take the time to create great landing pages or know how to do them properly.

Landing Pages Drive Leads and Sales

Email marketing vendor, GetResponse has a new service launching soon – a landing page creator. that can help you make great landing pages.

A GetResponse spoke person shared with me these tips about landing pages:

What are landing pages

Landing pages are pages dedicated to one piece of information or offer at a time, created entirely to support a certain, very specific goal such as lead generation (so called squeeze pages), promo offer (sales page and pre-sale pages), product launch or overview. You can’t fit everything into your homepage and this is when landing pages come in very handy.

Marketers create them and redirect their audience to them from display and PPC ads, emails, blog posts, etc.

Why are they important

They are the perfect way to complement every marketing campaign as they have a clear “call to action” and do not distract visitor with abundant information, typically focusing on one particular aspect of your business (such as a sales campaign)

What’s great about GetResponse landing pages is that you can create and publish them within 10-30 minutes totally without any IT support. At a price no one can beat, as starting next week GetResponse will offer its customers the tool for building landing pages, practically for free, as all package users get access to it, and to 1 landing page publication, free of charge.

What are some of the best practices that every landing page should have

Some of the key aspects of creating a landing page that really works would be:

– make everything on your landing page serve one clear and obvious goal ,with no distractions;

– make your offer very clear and specific, make it value-driven, credible, benefit driven;

– assume the visitor’s perspective and try to immediately answer the question “what’s in it for me”;

– use social proof (such as testimonial, customers’ counter, etc.) to increase your credibility;

– inspire the sense of scarcity and urgency to encourage quick purchase decisions;

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