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New Service @BeEmphatic Creates Custom Social Content for Your Small Business

I’ve just tested out a new service, ,Emphatic, which creates smart social content for small businesses.

I tested the service in creating content for the Small Business Summit.

After I posted my request on the Emphatic web site, in less than 24 hours, an Emphatic writer reached out to me and through their portal shared with me about 6 posts they had created for the Summit.

What was impressive was that clearly the Emphatic writer had taken the time to get to know the Summit and create posts of HIGH relevance to it.

If you don’t have TIME to start engaging on social media or are NOT SURE how to do i, Emphatic could be a great solution for you.

Once the writer sends you, your posts, you can give feedback to the writer or edit their suggested posts. Once approved, just do a one time connection to your social networks and then post.

Emphatic is $199 a month for 100 posts. If you need more posts you can pay a bit more.


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