Own A Restaurant? Add A Menu To Facebook and 6 Other Local Restaurant Marketing Ideas

If you’re a restaurant owner and use Facebook, check out your Facebook page now.

Facebook is enabling pages, which are listed as restaurant or cafe to to add menus to their Facebook page, by uploading a PDF of their menu.

Restaurant owners have so many options to build their local brands and drive traffic to their restaurants. Many are free

  1. Add your menu to your Facebook page
  2. Ensure your Facebook, Yelp, Google Local and other local listings are up to date and completely filled in
  3. Ask customers to share their delightful experiences online. Suggest the top 2 or 3 places where you want the comments to appear
  4. Ask customers if they are happy – those customers who are NOT happy ensure you make them happy – quickly
  5. Encourage customers to take pictures and post them online
  6. Encourage repeat business by having weekly contests of a free lunch or other meal for a customer each month or week
  7. Take advantage of Holidays and special occasions in your customer’s life to delight them

Those using Constant Contact’s SinglePlatform can upload their menus directly to their Facebook pages

One thought on “Own A Restaurant? Add A Menu To Facebook and 6 Other Local Restaurant Marketing Ideas

  1. adelina

    This is definitely a very interesting move for Facebook, but there are already companies in the restaurant industry who have taken this one step further. https://www.gloriafood.com/ ,for example, offers a Facebook online ordering app, and gives restaurants the ability to edit their menu in real time.
    Technology is taking over the world of restaurants, and restaurateurs should start taking advantage of this as much as their clients do.


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