Referral Marketing is Powerful. New Service (Refgo) Helps You Ask, Manage and Reward Referrals

Refgo - Referral Marketing Service

Refgo - Referral Marketing ServiceReferral marketing is a POWERFUL and LOW cost way to bring in more revenue.

Customers who already bought from you are the best evangelists to promote your business and what you sell!

However, often times it’s a challenge to capture the referrals, promote the referrals and most importantly to ASK for the referrals.

A new service, Refgo, is out to change that. They offer, from what I can tell, a simple and feature rich platform to help you add your contacts, develop a mobile friendly landing about your business, and then manage the entire customer referral process.

You can also let your customers know how their referral process when (did they’re referral buy or not) and send a thank you gift to a referral source as well.

What I hope Refgo does in future versions is let you upload the referrals and business information to local search engines such as Yelp and Google, like Yodle does.

Another resource is Lifecycle Marketing from Infusionsoft. One of the biggest components of Infusionsoft Lifecycle Marketing is referrals.

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