Small Biz Tech Pain Points: Filing Cabinets, Slow Email, Crappy Web Sites. Microsoft Survey

Small Business Technology Pain

Small Business Technology PainWhile MANY small businesses are “rocking it” in their use of technology a survey by Microsoft shows that so many small business owners are far behind in their use of technology.

The survey results show:

1. 30 percent of small businesses are using cloud technology and 10 percent are not familiar with cloud technology at all.

2. 30 percent of respondents said that they still primarily use filing cabinets and folders to manage their content, while 12 percent said that they do not have a good solution for collecting, storing and sharing content.

3. Upgrading the company website is a priority for half of small businesses surveyed (50 percent

For those of you who are NOT using technology as well as you should, here’s  a few tips to help:

  • Technology can be over whelming – get someone to help you. Get an expert, not your Uncle Joe or niece.
  • Test out any new technology and be sure it’s for you
  • Buy technology that can grow with your business
  • Buy technology with a clear business use in mind – to solve a clear business problem
  • Think of technology as an INVESTMENT not a pain
  • Online (cloud) software is so important. For the most part none of your files should be on premise, all of it should be online
  • Backup your data
  • Ensure your computers and network are properly configured to be secure
  • Work with reputable vendors who you trust and will be around for a long time
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