Social Security Is A Myth. If You Want To Keep Bad Things Hidden Don’t Put It Online. Have Fun or Have Business.


SnapchatAs I read the news about Snapchat being hacked and now offering new features that might make messages not so private, I figured I’d share some advice.

If you want to do something illegal or unethical that you don’t want others to know about – don’t use a social media tool to do it.

It might be ‘cool’ at the time but eventually when your account is hacked or you press the wrong button and those “secret” pictures get out – you’ll regret it.

If you’re conducting business and you want a way to have more secure communication there are a number of industry tools you can use to keep these messages secure. But these tools are not social tools used to share pictures of your late night meetup – these are serious business tools to encrypt business messages.

If you want to be social – be social and have fun, if you want to conduct business, conduct business.


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