Storytelling Is What Marketing Is Really About. Adobe’s New Video Creation App for iPad Helps.

Kodak had a problem selling their new slide projector (as seen in this Mad Men episode), but they were able to sell it when they learned to tell a story. Video is such an important medium and used effectively can tell an amazing story  – I guess this is why Youtube is one of the most trafficked web sites.

There’s lots of tools you can use to create stories, through video, including your smartphone video camera.

Adobe has launched a new app, Adobe Voice, which enables you to create engaging video on your iPad. Some of the features this app has are below.

  • Story starters and example videos to draw users into the experience with an inspirational video feed from the community; and a “wheel” of story ideas to provide helpful prompts that give meaningful structure right from the first click.
  • Beautiful graphics that can be added from a library of over 25,000 professionally designed icons, millions of images on the Web or a user’s own photos.
  • A cutting-edge graphics engine inspired by Adobe’s market-leading After Effects tool that automatically applies cinematic graphics to a story in real time, including motion blur, 3D, shadows and hundreds of other professional quality effects.
  • Animated themes, specially designed for all kinds of stories that can dynamically apply animation effects and make content come to life, from a dusty chalkboard drawing style to animated watercolor that looks like you’re literally painting images on screen. With just a single tap, selections can be made to make videos visually interesting.
  • A selection of music to help set the right mood for the message and automatically balance with the Adobe Voice recording to make it seem like it was captured in a professional sound booth.
  • A credits and attributionpage that is automatically added to the end of all videos to ensure that every Creative Commons icon or image used is accounted for, so users don’t have to worry about usage rights.

Want more information about the power of video?

Video making service Animoto says that

  • Video drives sales – 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase after watching an online video that explains a product or service

  • Video drives brand engagement – 71% of consumers agree that watching video content produced by businesses leaves them with a positive impression of a brand or company

  • Video helps increase customer loyalty –  87% of consumers find video helpful to research additional items from the same company

Here’s an infogrpahic with more information about the power of video

Small Business Video infographic

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