Vote For Julie: What The Kardashians and Michael Jordan Have In Common With Small Business Success

In 2011 Julie Goldman of the Original Runner Company appeared on Shark Tank. Since then her New Jersey based company has rocketed – well skyrocketed.

Today Julie is on a quest to win $25,000 from Comcast (please vote for her now).

Julie epitomizes what small business is all about – spunk, smarts, passion. I’ve been watching episodes of The Profit with Marcus Lemonis and his big three are people, profit and process – Julie has conquered these three elements.

Another portrait that Julie demonstrates is that as a small business owner you can provide solutions to not just customers – but celebrity customers like Michael Jordan, Kim Kardashian and so many more – as Julie has done.

On Shark Tank, in 2011, Julie was not only passionate about her business (as she is today) but also an astute business professional who knows her numbers and the concepts of business finance.

The third lesson we can all learn from Julie is about marketing. Julie was able to take a category that did not exist (non slip wedding runners) and market them globally.

What are you doing in YOUR business to THRIVE and crush your competition?

These same traits that Julie has are the same traits that successful celebrities like the Kardashians, Michael Jordan and others have. You don’t have to be famous to be successful.

What do you know you SHOULD do to grow your business?

  • Do you know your numbers?
  • Have you hired the right people?
  • Do you have a passion for what you sell?
  • Do you treat customers well?
  • Are you making a great product?

Please vote for Julie. She’s an awesome small business owner who we can all rally around and support! Below is an image of how the voting form looks. Scroll down and select “The Original Runner Company”!


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