Yahoo’s New eCommerce Analytics App Let’s You Chat With Customers and Close A Sale From Your iPhone

Yahoo Live Web Insights

Yahoo Live Web InsightsSelling online is tough business – your competitors are only a click away. Beyond direct competitors there are so many variables that can cause an interested shopper to click away and not come back.

Yahoo’s been helping businesses sell online for a long time and has launched a new, free app, that helps you close more sales and serve customers customer.

Yahoo’s Live Web Insights is an iOS app that helps you monitor your online store in real time and chat with customers in real time.

While it’s great to access your ecommerce stats from a desktop, it’s also nice to have that same analytical fire power and offer great customer service.

Analytics are great, but Yahoo’s new app appears to offer a bit more and help proactively educate you on what’s selling and what’s not selling and how to make customers happier.


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