5 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work (Just In Case You Don’t Win the $25K Marketing Makeover Contest)

When it comes to small business marketing, everybody wants to know what WORKS, but defining that is easier said than done.

The perfect formula is different for everyone because it’s not just a small business marketing strategy, but rather taking that strategy and customizing it to your own business.

That’s what makes the prize in the $25,000 Marketing Makeover contest so awesome. One grand prize winner will receive a $25K small business marketing prize that includes radio ads, display ads, search engine campaigns and more – all customized to the market of your choice, with a strategy that is customized to your business.

We urge you to enter the $25K small business Marketing Makeover contest soon. The deadline for entries is June 30, and if you really want to know what marketing techniques will work for your business – and have someone else flip the bill! – this is the perfect way to make it happen.

While you wait in anticipation for the contest winner (who will be notified on or around August 1), gather some ideas of your own with this list of 5 small business marketing strategies that work.

1 – Problem Solving: Think in terms of your customer – what is their primary concern, challenge, or problem that they need solved? You can get their attention by focusing on these issues in your marketing campaign, with an emphasis on how your business can uniquely solve the problem like no other business out there.

2 – Credibility: Demonstrate your expertise. When customers see you as an expert in subject X, they will look to you in the future when issues related to that subject arise. You can demonstrate your expertise online with informative blog posts, and don’t forget to demonstrate it offline with great customer service.

3 – Relationship Building: Use online strategies to build a relationship with your customers. Just like you don’t start a personal relationship by asking for a favor, you shouldn’t start out customer relationships by begging for sales. Regarding social media, think about the content that unites you and the customer – for example, if you’re a clothing store, you are united on an interest in fashion and trends. Whatever area unites you and the customer is a great way to start developing your relationship.

4 – Visibility: If you want to be seen, you first have to figure out who your target customers are and where they are hanging out. These are the places you should be too! This will give insight into specific areas of small business marketing, including where you should advertise, what social media channels you should invest in, and how you should spend your marketing money.

5 – Unique Experiences: Successful small business marketing campaigns make the customer feel like they are getting a unique experience. This is the lure of members-only rewards clubs, secret sales and other exclusive offers. These strategies can help engage and excite because your customers feel like they are part of something special and important.

Once again, there is no one strategy that works for everyone, because your small business marketing should be customized to your specific business. However, if you include the elements above into your next small business marketing campaign, you’re sure to see positive results.

Before you go out and plan that campaign, though, take a second to enter the $25K small business Marketing Makeover contest. You never know – the next winner may be YOU!

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Jennifer Peaslee

Jennifer has a Masters in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame. She is currently working as a freelance writer, editor, blogger and researcher.

One thought on “5 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work (Just In Case You Don’t Win the $25K Marketing Makeover Contest)

  1. Ryan Legge

    Social Media is definitely one of the more cost effective ways for small businesses to get exposure by interacting with other local businesses whether that’s liking, retweeting, pinning their posts – and there’s only a time cost involved (unless you also look at paid social media advertising). Your online marketing suggestions are all great and completely on-point but I think it’s also imperative to remember face to face offline marketing as well. Exhibition’s and tradeshows are great for one-to-one relationship building and popup displays are now very reasonably priced to making even small business look very professional. I think it’s the marriage of the two forms of marketing that have the most impact.


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