Are You Making These Three Mistakes With Your Landing Pages?

Landing pages are important for online marketing – yet so many small business marketers just don’t do them right.

What are landing pages – those web pages that get people to take specific action.

GetResponse offers these three simple yet critical mistakes we do on our landing pages.

1. Unmatched Messaging – When someone clicks on a link or ad to your site, the call-to-action should send a viewer to a specific landing page rather than just the homepage.

2. Too Few Landing Pages – Companies with 30+ landing pages generate 7X more leads than those who have less than ten. Clearly, you need a lot of landing pages and it helps SEO.

3. Including Navigation on Landing Pages – You got their attention, so now it’s time to close the deal but sadly, 84% of marketers add navigation bars, allowing people to get distracted by other content before actually converting.

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