Can Make A Smartphone For Your Small Business? Smartphones Are Here.

Courtesy of AndroidPit

The Wall Street Journal reports that is expected to release a smartphone in an upcoming press conference on June 13th.

Would you buy a smartphone from

Like any technology, consider the technology you should buy based on your needs and what it can do for you.

Here’s why I would buy a phone from

  • has awesome support
  •’s phone will have awesome support for books, movies and anything sells
  • The phone might not work right at first, but they’ll surely get it better with future versions has lots of experience building great mobile devices (ie the Kindle), a phone will be another evolution (ie iPod, iPhone, iPad)

What’s most important with your phone?

  • Does the phone have cellular connectivity where you need it most
  • Does the phone have the apps you need
  • Is your business life optimized for a mobile world

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