Email Security Is Important. Here’s What Google Is Doing to Help.

How secure is your email?

How secure is your email?You rely on your technology vendors to ensure that they’re providing you first in class services to run your business. You hope they provide not only great customer service, but also great security, ability to growth with your business and more.

One of the areas you should pay careful attention to is the security of your email and other online services.

The Wall Street Journal reports how Google encrypts all of its email, since 2010. Google published a list of email providers and their encryption policies here.

Google says it best in this post, “Many email providers don’t encrypt messages while they’re in transit. When you send or receive emails with one of these providers, these messages are as open to snoopers as a postcard in the mail.

A growing number of email providers are working to change that, by encrypting messages sent to and from our services using Transport Layer Security (TLS). When an email is encrypted in transit with TLS, it makes it harder for others to read what you’re sending. The data below explains the current state of email encryption in transit.”

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