Free TalkBoard App for White Board Collaboration: Video Interview with Chris Duncan of Citrix

In my quest to discover new tech tools for small business owners, I recently bumped into an app called TalkBoard. To get more information, I spent a few minutes talking with Chris Duncan, Senior Project Manager at Citrix. Chris was happy to explain what the app is and how it can help small business owners.

TalkBoard is a free white board app that allows for real time collaboration among team members. Simple in design, the app is literally a white rectangular board – and it’s up to you to take it from there, as you draw out your ideas and work with colleagues to develop a winning solution.

The TalkBoard app is designed to improve collaboration in a number of ways:

  • The advanced drawing algorithm allows even non-creative types the chance to contribute quality designs
  • The app can be used to sketch out diagrams, website ideas, and projects
  • Anyone who is a member of the project board can access the board and get real-time updates as team members contribute ideas and edit the board
  • Add as many members as you want to a project board, and they can contribute no matter where they are

Also, TalkBoard will soon be launching a voice chat feature so you can also speak to your team as your ideas are sketched out.

To learn more about TalkBoard, watch the video below or click here to watch the video on YouTube.

As you can see, TalkBoard has many small business applications – but it’s a fun app to use in your personal life as well. How do you see yourself using the TalkBoard app?

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