LinkedIn Says No To Nimble CRM: Yet Another Reason Why Capturing Customer Contact Information Is Important

Nimble sent an email to customers, letting them know that LinkedIn has revoked Nimble’s API access.

API’s (application programming interface) are the protocols that let one software easily communicate with another software. Nimble’s not alone in this, nor is LinkedIn. There’s a number of companies (sorry I don’t have a hand list) that decide to LIMIT or not share at all, their data with others.

Not sharing data with others software, means an upstart company (or an established one) can’t easily share data with another software. For example, in Nimble’s case it could integrate a contact’s LinkedIn profile into Nimble directly – a great feature.

So, what does this mean?

It’s always best to maintain your own database of a customer’s email address, cell phone and other things. Just relying on “social connectivity” is not enough.

Even if LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks restrict how you can use them, you can always email, fax, call or send them a letter via US Postal Service directly to your customers or prospects.

Don’t let a company get in the middle of you or your customers.

If you’re a Nimble customer, just make sure you keep your customer information up to date and use Nimble to store their email and other direct contact information! To be clear, this is NOT a ding or negative at Nimble – this a ding at LinkedIn and even more so a realty check of companies, like LinkedIn who have precious data wanting to monetize it as much as possibly.

Make sense?

4 thoughts on “LinkedIn Says No To Nimble CRM: Yet Another Reason Why Capturing Customer Contact Information Is Important

  1. Jon Ferrara

    Ramon – In today world of exploding contacts, conversations and social signals we all need help tracking, following up and nurturing relationships that matter. The reason we built Nimble is so that our customers don’t need to Google people before a meeting and log contact details and the history of conversations. We take the work our of traditional CRM with a Smart Relatioship Management platform that is fun and powerful. Even without the LinkedIn API we will continue to be able to map dozens of Social profiles and signals that help todays business professional identify people who matter and automagically build and maintain rich records on them and thier company. We pioneered Social Selling CRM and we will continue to deliver and delight.



    Jon Ferrara
    CEO | Nimble – Social Relationships, Made Easy.
    @jon_ferrara –

      • Ramon Ray

        Hey David, keep in mind not having access to LinkedIn api is a minor hiccup for Nimble and other companies. Whole api lockout is probably here to stay, Nimble is a Nimble company and already has solutions in place

        sent from my phone, hopefully not while driving or spending time with my family

        Ramon Ray,
        Technology Evangelist
        and Small Business Evangelist, Infusionsoft – @ramonray

        PS… Want to know more about Ramon?


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