Beyond Chatting. AT&T Survey Says Mobile Tech Is Great. But Why? Your 7 Tips For Getting The Most From Your Smartphone.

Just about everyone is walking around with a smartphone. In fact some people are walking around with a smartphone and should not be – they just talk too loud on the train.

For small businesses who are using smart phones, many of them have it to communicate better outside of the office, and most all of them have some apps on it that they use (besides a gaming app like Angry Birds). However, to REALLY get the most out of your smart phone it takes more than just opening the box at the retail store and making calls – you’ve got to customize the smartphone to make it a productive tool just for you.

Smartphones and overall mobile technology make you and your small business PRODUCTIVE on the road, able to SERVE CUSTOMERS from anywhere, enhance your COMMUNICATION and give you FLEXIBILITY.

A recent AT&T survey finds out that:

For businesses of all sizes, saving time means saving money, but perhaps for none does that ring more true than for small businesses. In fact, millions of them are tapping into technology to save time and, ultimately, money as well – to the tune of a staggering $67.5 billion a year – by using mobile apps, tablets, and smartphones in their day-to-day business activities.

With the increased time savings resulting from using mobile apps and devices, business owners indicate that they’re not getting any more rest or relaxation. Instead, they’re re-investing the extra time back into their businesses to grow sales, increase engagement with customers, and research their respective industries to learn about new trends or competitors. You can read the full AT&T survey here

So what should you be doing to get the MOST out of your smartphone?

  1. Get a protective case for it – be it a rubberized sleeve (which I use) or some other protective covering
  2. Ensure your data is encrypted and password protected. If you lose your smartphone do you want someone to access you contacts and other information and use that information?
  3. Back up your data. True security is about data protection and backup. If you lose your smartphone there is NO reason why you should not be able to have access to the data in a relatively short amount of time. Back it up to an online service and you’ll be fine.
  4. Be security aware – if you’re connecting your phone to a WiFi network be careful and ensure the network you are connecting to is really secure and not one that a hacker is controlling
  5. Install apps that make you productive – remote file access, collaboration, telephony, video conferencing tools and more
  6. Educate yourself – most phones are pretty simple to operate but it can’t hurt to read the manual or dive into the app instructions a bit more to ensure you’re doing everything you can to use the apps and the phone productively


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