New Service Integrates Incoming Customer Service Requests (Email, Voice, Social): MightyCall

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday when our voice mail boxes were flooded with customer requests? But today these requests can come from social media, phone calls, email and other places.

A new service, Mighty Call, has a solution – providing a unified “in box” for all sorts of communication.

Not only does Mighty Call receive the inbound messages but you can also reply or assign a request to another team member.’

Mighty Call has a free version and then starts at $10 a month – quite affordable for any gowing business.

Check out their video below or here.


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  • Alex Leventer

    Thanks for the mention!

  • coltenk

    I will definitely be checking them out as I’ve been looking for this type of solution for my small business for awhile. Sometimes it’s hard to respond back to all my customers in time, and after looking through their site it seems I can do all of this from their app on my smartphone! Thanks for the article… Will be sharing this to my followers on Twitter.

    • Ramon Ray

      Glad this article could help!