Remote Workers Are Happier Employees But Companies Need To Make It Safer And Easier

Working in a home office is something I’ve done for several years and I enjoy it.

However, as a home office worker, security concerns and better communication is always top of mind.

Staples, in a recent survey , shared that 65 percent of employers who allow their workers to telecommute report happier employees and that 33 percent of employers report less absenteeism in the workforce when telecommuting is allowed.

In my experience when technology fails a remote worker, finding quick help is a challenge. You’re not “in the office” so access to the companies IT support is not near by. Companies who invest in

Here’s what the Staples survey reveals:

  • Only 25 percent of employees have been trained on data backup/security best practices.
  • Sixty-four percent of employees name a poor VPN connection as their biggest tech challenge when working from home.
  • Fifty-eight percent of employers report that their telecommuters have connectivity problems several times per month or more.
  • Only ten percent of employers offer furniture services to new telecommuters.

Staples has a solution to these challenges and recommends:

  • Equipping the Workforce  With IT connectivity issues a main concern, telecommuting programs should ensure easy access to email, document sharing, instant messaging and video conferencing. Providing remote VPN capabilities to telecommuters is also important for easy network access.
  • Employee Actions – Having employees set up lock screens is one simple step businesses can take.
  • Implementing Security Measures  Encrypting device-side data by adding another layer of protection is important in the event an attacker manages to bypass a lock screen or finds a backdoor.
  • Furnishing Office Spaces Appropriately – It’s important to consider furniture options in telecommuting programs, from ergonomic furniture to items like desk and drawer organizers. This will help telecommuters make their home offices more productive. In addition, more and more offices are designed with telecommuting in mind. In Staples’ Workplace of the Future Design Competition, many of the finalists focused on layouts and furniture options that accommodate a more mobile workforce who telecommutes occasionally, providing open spaces that allow people to move throughout an office based on their work needs.


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