Ignore Gary Vaynerchuk. Focus On Niche Market Domination, Stop Trying To Be Like @GaryVee










Ramon often uses media super star Gary Vaynerchuck as an example of social media success.

Learn more at ScrewGaryVee.com – http://www.screwgaryvee.com

In one of Ramon’s presentations, where Ramon was referencing Gary Vee’s story and his book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (a must read), someone said “I’m no Gary Vee, he has lots of money and is very popular”.

We small businesses should STOP trying to be as BIG and popular as Gary but use Gary’s PRINCIPLES to dominate social content marketing and sales and marketing overall.

Gary was PERSISTENT and UNIQUE (tasting wine on snow!) as he grew the Wine Library. Every small business marketer can be persisten and unique in their social content marketing education.

Check out ScrewGaryVee.com – http://www.screwgaryvee.com for two short but important videos on why you should stop trying to get zillions of likes and followers and instead focus on dominating your niche market.

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