T-Mobile Brings A Unique 7 Day Mobile Test Plan to Small Businesses. No Strings Attached.

Trying out a new phone, or a new carrier and seeing if it’s for you is not easy. You’re often locked into a plan you might not want, to a carrier you don’t know and with a phone that you might not like. What to do? T-Mobile’s recently launched the T-Mobile Test Drive.

T-Mobile will let you try out an iPhone for a weak – no strings attached.

T-Mobile’s press release reads:

The Un-carrier’s latest initiative takes aim at the painful process of buying wireless in America today.  People must decide on a wireless provider without knowing how the network will really work for them – where they live, go to school, work, and play.  As a result, the U.S. wireless industry has one of the highest “remorse rates” of any out there.  Nearly half (46%) of wireless customers say they’ve signed up with a carrier and then wanted to leave, and one in 10 have actually left within the first 30 days of making a switch.1  It’s a pain point ripe for an Un-carrier solution.

“The way this industry forces Americans to buy wireless is completely, utterly broken.  I’m here to tell you there’s a better way,” declared John Legere, T-Mobile CEO and President. “While the carriers ask you to buy blind, the Un-carrier gives you transparency.  Our network kicks ass, and now people can experience for themselves what a data-strong network can do with T-Mobile Test Drive.”

Starting this Monday, June 23, people can sign up for T-Mobile Test Drive at www.t-mobile.com/testdrive.  A few days later, they’ll receive an iPhone 5s fully loaded and ready to go, and they can put T-Mobile’s data-strong network to the test for seven full days on the “most forward-thinking” smartphone.  After the test drive, just drop it off at any T-Mobile store.  That’s it.  Absolutely no money down.  No obligation.  No strings attached.

T-Mobile Test Drive is a first-of-its-kind nationwide initiative from a major carrier that the Un-carrier is rolling out at scale.  During the first year of the program alone, T-Mobile expects at least one million people to take a test drive.

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