The ShareConnect App Gives You PC Access on the Go: Video Interview with Janelle Raney of Citrix

I recently had the chance to speak with Janelle Raney, a product marketing specialist at Citrix. The topic of our conversation was a new connectivity app called ShareConnect.

The ShareConnect tool is a free app available right now at the App Store. With ShareConnect you can connect any of your desktop computers to your mobile device – but it’s not just the same old remote desktop tool that you may be used to.

ShareConnect makes doing business easier by giving you access to desktop files and apps, with a better user experience that includes:

  • Viewing your recent files
  • Editing Excel, Word and PowerPoint files directly from your iPad
  • Opening up and running your desktop apps on the iPad

The ShareConnect app was designed with small businesses in mind, from initial research to the development of this user-friendly tool that solves a common small business problem. Although we live in a mobile world, many small business owners still rely on their PC for most of their work – and the ShareConnect app allows you to access this workspace while you’re on the go.

To learn more about ShareConnect, watch the video below or click here to view it on YouTube.

What about you – do you still rely on your desktop for the majority of your work? Will the ShareConnect app solve a problem you’ve faced in your small business?

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