Facebook’s User Experiments Should Teach You The Value of Surveying Your Customers

Facebook is in hot water for how it’s gone about experimenting on its users. We covered this on 3TechGuys Show, syndicated to Fox Business.

However, everyone agrees that Facebook’s research has provided invaluable insight to science.

The two lessons you, small business owners should learn are:

1. Survey, with permission, your users and gain insight into what THEY want.

2. Observe your customers and better understand HOW they are using your services or products. You’ll learn insights on what makes them “tick” and find ways to deliver better products and services.

Always ensure you do the right thing when working with your customers. But do leverage your customers to improve your company’s offerings.

Here’s some tools you can use to gain better intelligence about your customers.

  • Leverage the power of CRM to gain deep insight into the metrics of how customers are interacting with your content.
  • Use surveys to survey your customers.
  • Look at your web site analytics to know how they are interacting with your web site
  • Analyze your point of sale information to know how customers are buying from you at retail stores

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