How Bill.Com Achieved A High Customer Service Score Through Good Hires and Technology

Customer Service

Customer ServiceCustomer service is what all companies want to do well, and what every company can improve on. One measure of customer service is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) – which is a formula comprised of your detractors and your rabidly happy customers.

Companies who hire employees who have a heart and mindset of service will most often always excel at great customer service. Leveraging technology is also important – which includes surveys (to measure customer satisfaction), communication (tracking incoming customer issues and how they are resolved).

Amber Aslanian, Director, Customer Support at gives a few more best practices in how companies can be rock stars of customer service. Amber’s lead to a high NPS score of 80 in the month of April.

Be authentic:  Allow your teams to be themselves at work. Being authentic means you continually work to build trust between a company and its customers. Customers like to receive help from real people who are not only knowledgeable about the product but who are also genuine.

Invest in training: No one can be successful unless they understand not just your products but how you want your brand represented to customers. At we have two full weeks devoted to training, including both online modules and instructional-led sessions, before a representative begins working with customers.

Develop a knowledge base: Two keys to success are consistency, accuracy and speed. Both can be accomplished by giving staff an easy way to get answers. This is also an excellent way to ensure that everyone stays on message at all times.

Be transparent: Teams like to have a goal and to know what they are working towards. Socialize the NPS score and share results regularly so everyone is clear on what needs to be improved and areas where things are working well.

Hire people who have the right attitude: Attitude is everything in customer service. Knowledge can be learned, but enthusiasm and empathy cannot. We have noted that some of our best employees have come from referrals—listen to suggestions from your team.

Trust and empower employees: Your support team is front-line with your customers. They need to feel valued by you. Make a point of listening to employee feedback and take their suggestions to heart. They truly do often know the customer best.

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