Summer Is Here. Sales Are Down. 7 Cool Ideas To Heat Up Summer Sales #OwnYourSummer

For many businesses, summer is traditionally a slow month. The heat slows our bodies down (I guess that impacts sales), folks are focused on going away for an annual vacation, children are home from school and people want to leave their offices early and have FUN!

While some businesses thrive during the summer, others dread the 3 months of heat, beach and vacations because their customers attention is even more distracted then it might usually be.

There’s several things you can do to turn up summer sales and look FORWARD to the summer month.

  1. Check out Infusionsoft’s “Own Your Summer” campaign. Win prizes (including time with Daymond John) and get free education to help you grow your business even more.
  2. Send your customers low cost “summer themed” gifts – just to wish them a great Summer
  3. Have your own weekly “Summer party” – to draw in customers and prospects to your business or being the party to them to their business.
  4. Survey your customers so you know which ones are NOT going away during the Summer and get to know them better (take your best customers to lunch, for example)
  5. Invite prospects (not customers) to your office for breakfast meetups (or lunch or evening networking). Have part of it fun (remember it’s summer) and the other part educational as a soft introduction to your products or services.
  6. Use the slow time to educate yourself, freshen up your business operations, get to know your employees better and prepare for the upswing that the Fall Season might bring.
  7. Partner with other companies on a referral campaign – they encourage their customers to buy from you and you encourage your customers to buy from them. Make sure you track all the activity (Infuionsoft can do this for you)




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