The 6 Best SaaS Solutions for Scheduling Business Appointments

What is your favorite SaaS solution for scheduling appointments or phone calls easily?

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1. AppointmentCore

We just started using AppointmentCore to automate our appointment scheduling. We love how it integrates with Infusionsoft, GoToMeeting and Google Calendar. Highly recommended!
Pete Kennedy, Main Street ROI

2. ScheduleOnce

I’m a big fan of ScheduleOnce, which is true to its name. It uses your Google or Facebook ID for log-in capabilities and allows you to schedule appointments or phone calls from anywhere.
Rob Fulton, Automation Heroes

3. Google Calendar

I’m not sure why you need anything except Google. All my calendars are instantly on every device I use with every piece of information I need. I’ve seen people using it more and more, which just makes it that much more effective.
Carlo Cisco, SELECT


I get the odd request to answer questions about our business once a month. I find one of the best ways to make those calls productive is through, which is an expert network that charges by the minute for a phone call. I just give the customer my link and clarity creates a phone bridge that charges the caller my minute rate and takes a small cut.
Liam Martin,

5. Calendly

I’ve only just switched to Calendly, but so far I like it. I can set up different types of meetings that people can schedule (and different lengths). The tool is still fairly new, so I expect even more features to roll out soon.
Thursday Bram, Hyper Modern Consulting

6. Speek

Speek has totally changed the way we handle conference calls in our office. I can take up to 10 calls in a day and it’s nearly impossible to keep all that information straight. Speek allows me to record conference calls and share them with my communications gal to take notes, give me deliverables and in short, keep me sane. Love it, it’s awesome!
Maren Hogan, Red Branch Media

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