8 Simple Ways Smart Companies Harness Technology’s Full Potential

Staples EasyTech

Staples EasyTech

When your computer does not work, it’s a pain. But it’s actually more than a pain. You can’t get work done, productivity drops and client requests go unfulfilled. If the problem is security related then your computer is open to vulnerabilities which could result in lost data or stolen data.

There’s a lot of ways to ensure your technology works and we’re excited to partner with Staples EasyTech Total Support. to bring you some tips and best practices to get this done.

One of the awesome benefits of Staples EasyTech Total Support is that it ensures critical maintenance for PCs with one- and two- year plans that include virus removal, in-store diagnostics, in-store software installation, internet security and #1-rated SquareTrade Accident Protection Plans. Additional services include Data Transfer, Microsoft Office and Premier PC Setup.

Sometimes your computer is not “broken” but you just need help setting it up, like when you buy a new computer or other tech tool, you might not have the time or the know how to set it up and put it together. Would you rather spend 2 hours installing a new network or setting up a few computers, or spend those hours growing your business, responding to a client, spending time with an employee, or just watching TV with your children or spouse!

I interviewed Staples EasyTech Manager Felix. We spoke about how Staples EasyTech works, why it’s a great solution for small businesses who need tech help and advice to help you take care of your own tech as well!

See the interview below or here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wlyzvp2q0wo

(scroll down to see a full list of tips from Ramon – the Technology Evangelist)

  1. Educate yourself about technology – read product reviews and follow  media such as Small Business Trends, SmallBizTechnology.com, NY Times Your The Boss Blog, Inc Magazine, Wall Street Journal Small Business and other media that cover tech in full or in part.
  2. Before you buy technology know what your business pain points are – customer service? new customers? work flow? Then find technology that can help.
  3. Get help. You are an expert in what you sell or make – right? That’s why people buy it. In the same way, you are NOT an expert in technology. Get help to implement technology in your business.
  4. Technology should grow with your business – don’t buy technology that is limited and can’t grow with your business. Maybe you have one client today and will have 30 tomorrow. Maybe you are a 2 employee company today and a 15 one tomorrow. Ensure the technology you buy is scalable and can meet your needs TODAY and TOMORROW!
  5. Don’t be CHEAP – while free technology sounds nice and can “save you money” – in the long run it might hurt you. With free technology you might not get the support you need. Furthermore, often when you PAY for the “premium” version of a product it has more of the features you need.
  6. Upgrade. Technology evolves and your business evolves. Technology gets faster, cheaper, more feature rich. If you are not appropriately upgrading technology, you’ll find that your OLD technology will slow you down. Newer technology is updated to have less bugs, crash less, be more secure and have better features. Don’t upgrade needlessly, of course. But DO upgrade.
  7. Backup and Recovery. YOU WILL lose a file. Your hard drive will crash. Someone WILL take your thumb drive. A flood or fire will (well we hope not) damage your business. When these things happen it’s critical have a BACKUP of your files and applications and a way to RECOVER THEM.
  8. Of course our 8th tip, in partnership with Staples, is to definitely visit your local Staples store and try out Staples EasyTech Total Support.

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