24 Awesome Apps To Save You Time and Have Less Headache – @LizKingEvents #techsytalk

liz kingLiz King is the preeminent guru of events.

She’s built a community for event professionals – to help them produce better events and she is an event organizer as well.

Here’s the apps she uses to run her empire – boosting productivity and having less headaches.

  1. Trello – task management
  2. Anydo – task management tool
  3. Mailbox – send email back to yourself, later on
  4. Yesterbox – a way of thinking from Tony Hsieh
  5. Expensify – expenses on the go
  6. Focus Lock – lock your phone to not do other things
  7. World Card Mobile – put biz cards into contact database
  8. Docusign – digital document signature
  9. ETA – quickly find times to get from one meeting to another
  10. Flightboard – look at flight times
  11. IFTTT – If this then that; an automation tool
  12. Dropbox – file sharing
  13. Doxie – scanner
  14. Magic Wand  – portable scanner
  15. Harvest – time tracking tool
  16. Lastpass – password saving
  17. Shoeboxed – mail them your shoebox of crap,  they tag and put it into Excel for you
  18. Unrollme – will look at all email subscriptions and unsubscribe you
  19. Hootsuite or @bugger – social media management tool
  20. Pocket – browse an article later
  21. Unstuck – app to inspire you
  22. Mophie – portable charger
  23. Drones – take pictures in the air
  24. Selfie Stick



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