Why Credit Card Swipe Wars Are A Trojan Horse For Small Business Mobile Payments

credit card swipe

credit card swipeSo Amazon.com is the latest company to offier a credit card swipe processing system to small businesses. Other vendors include Square, Intuit, PayPal, Apriva and others.

The mobile payments market is big and large companies want to ensure small businesses are using their services.

The big difference these vendors offer is the fees they charge for each credit card swipe – you can research that on your own.

But guess what? The real deal here is not so much the credit card swipe, it’s the desire to be your overall credit card processor and more.

For PayPal for example, they don’t just want you to swipe your credit card, they want to provide you with a loan for your business – instead of your bank. See PayPal Credit

For Amazon.com they want to not just handle your swipe transactions but also to help you OVERALL sell online.

The credit card swipe Рis just the tip of the iceberg,  These giants want to help you SELL MORE and take a small piece of each transaction.

Which one will you choose?

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