Foursquare Is Shutting Down and Swarm Is Coming (New Foursquare – Better than Ever)

Foursquare is that social network that keeps on going – it won’t die. While Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yelp and so many other social networks have blossomed and grown, Fourssquare appears to still have a hard time gaining as much traction as the other services. I’ve been using it more and do like it.

(Here’s an interview I did about Foursquare recently)

Swarm, the next iteration of Foursquare might be the answer to having its current users use it more and getting a new crop of users excited about it!

Swarm is a new version of Foursquare that invites much more personalized search and making the experience easier, faster and more stable. Read more about the changes on Foursquare’s blog post

Swarm (new Foursquare)

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