HR Rules and Regs Are Impossible To Keep Up With. ThinkHR Has A Solution

human resources department

Running a business is not easy. Sure there’s the joys of freedom and passion as indicated in the latest Infusionsoft Small Business Survey , however there are so many challenges. Tax compliance, regulatory compliance, marketing to get more customers and to keep the ones you have.

For businesses who are growing, another headache is human resources management (HR). There’s a lot of information online you can “Google” but is this information correct? Does it meet your specific need? HR compliance is not something you can fudge. Of course if you have a lawyer, that’s a great option as well.

There is an online solution. ThinkHR has a 3 module system which is comprised of a portal of information, live experts and training solutions.

ThinkHR is $3 per employee per month and is ideal for businesses with 50 or more employees.

Beyond the “technical aspects” of managing employees remember, your core values should be the driving force of creating a great corporate culture.

HIRE right from the start so you have the right employees doing the right things.

Make sure you make your employee’s partners in your growth and not meere live stock who are cogs in a corporate wheel, as I learned from Hal Halladay, Infusionsoft’s Chief People Officer.

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