Mailchimp Evolution. Autoresponder Is Dead. Marketing Automation CRM Rises.

Mailchimp Workflows

Mailchimp WorkflowsAweber, Mailchimp and other premium email marketing services all offer auto responders. Auto-responders let you send an email auto reply based on a click or some other action. You can bundle autoresponders together and have a pretty advanced system of communication to clients or customers.

However, autoresponders are not enough for some companies and they are finding that marketing automation or a customer relationship management (CRM) solution is really needed.

CRM is much more than a subsequent email sent based on a clicked linked. With CRM, such as offered by Infusionsoft (who I work for) you can move a prospect from one profile to another (from loving blue socks to loving red socks), you can ask them to provide an updated shipping address using a form on your web site or an almost unlimited number of action interactions.

Mailchimp announced that it’s morphing from an autoresponder to workflows – closer to CRM or marketing automation than they’ve ever been.

While an email newsletter is awesome, growing businesses are all jumping on the marketing automation bandwagon to improve their marketing.

Only CRM can provider personalized, and automated communication. Only CRM can take 237 different customers and provide them with 237 different experiences throughout their customer lifecycle.

3 thoughts on “Mailchimp Evolution. Autoresponder Is Dead. Marketing Automation CRM Rises.

  1. Brad Hodson

    And it’s true, marketing automation has become all the rage. But some of that popularity is also based on the idea that marketing automation can allow you to cut some things out of your workflow. And, unfortunately, many businesses go too far and start cutting out vital processes and customer interactions from their workflow that end up hurting the customer-to-business relationship.

    Marketing automation has its place and its time. But marketing automation doesn’t equal CRM and it doesn’t replace a CRM strategy.

    Brad Hodson

      • Brad Hodson

        Hi Ramon, name’s Brad, but that’s ok 🙂

        CRM should include some form of automation, and marketing automation is a great asset for helping to stay in contact and keep up with an ever-growing list of customers.

        But that doesn’t change the fact that it is a necessary evil. In a perfect world, we’d be able to personally keep in contact with every single customer on a very, very personal basis. With the resources available, that’s just impossible.

        Marketing automation is a powerful asset for growing (and grown) companies, but we have to be careful about falling too far into automation that we separate ourselves from the humanity of the customer.


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