New Service from Duda, InSite, Makes Your DIY Website Dynamically Personally

Duda inSite

Duda inSiteDuda, creators of mobile ready websites, has launched  new service inSite that enables you to have deep personalization for reach visitor to your Duda website. If it’s after 9pm, visitors might get a message that says they should expect an email the next  day. Or maybe first time visitors get one message and 3rd time visitors get another option.

There’s not much for me to write about, except to say this service is amazingly cool and powerful.

The battle of do it yourself web sites continues to evolve and it all benefits customers. Wix, Squarespace and Duda all provide great web site services and they all have a bit of an edge on each other.

Here’s more about inSite from the Duda press release

A customer visiting a restaurant’s website via his mobile phone from six blocks away during lunchtime is most likely looking for a different menu than someone visiting from a desktop computer on a Friday evening. With inSite, the website can instantly recognize these differences and show the mobile customer a menu of lunch specials, along with a 20 percent off coupon, while showing the evening customer a dinner and wine menu.

Utilizing inSite, the restaurant can preset what content these different types of customers will see based on variables such as time of day or week, device type, number of visits, location and more; without requiring any development work.

According to research by Econsultancy, 94 percent of companies agree that website personalization is critical to current and future business success. However, given the vast technical requirements and immense cost usually associated with creating dynamic website personalization (DWP), those features have been largely out of reach for most web professionals and small businesses. Enterprise companies are spending thousands of dollars on personalized websites. However, this feature is finally available to web professionals and small businesses for less than $19 per month. Additionally, any DudaOne user can try inSite for free for 30 days.

“The bigger companies have always had the budgets and resources to create elaborate personalized user experiences, creating an unfair situation for smaller businesses and web professionals. Today, with inSite, we’re leveling the playing field by democratizing this technology and making it possible for anyone to easily build enterprise-grade websites without the need for massive budgets or a large development team,” says Itai Sadan, CEO and Co-founder of Duda.

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