Robots Or Humans Serving Your Hotel Room? Beep, beep, Here’s Your Newspaper

aloft hotel robotLet’s say you need some tooth paste, shaving cream or the morning’s newspaper delivered to your hotel room. Would you mind if a robot brought it to you? Would you prefer a human?

Robots are not new, some of them vacuum our floors and others are getting ready to drive our cars  – as Google.

But the question – although we have the OPTION to use robots in our day to day activities – should we? Is their a limit?

For the sake of the hotels brand extension at every touch point , is a human smile more welcoming than a robot?

The New York Times writesOn Aug. 20, the Aloft hotel here will begin testing this robotic bellhop, a wheeled service vehicle designed to shuttle items from the hotel lobby desk to guest rooms. Whether a gimmick or a sign of things to come, Botlr is the latest among a new generation of robots — like Google’s self-driving car, Aetheon’s Tug hospital supply robot and Caddytrek’s electric golf caddy — that are starting to walk or roll around the everyday world.

Think about it. Just because we can automate – should we? Where does a warm human smile work better than a a robots blinking LED lights?

Robots can be more efficient, work harder and can bring more features and benefits in certain areas, than humans can.

Tough choice…

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