Twitter Boosts Small Business Advertising With Two Weapons: Education and 1 to 1 Outreach

Twitter Ads 101

Twitter Ads 101I’m impressed with two ways that Twitter is making moves to catch up with Google and Facebook and help small businesses use it’s platform for advertising.

Twitter Advertising is pushing LOTS of great education about how to use its platform better. Guides, tutorials and etc.

Secondly, Twitter is reaching out to individual small business businesses, with Twitter account managers who can help the business owner.

I’ve been testing advertising with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for the 9th Annual Small Business Summit.

So far Facebook’s event feature has enabled people to easily click “yes” and indicate they’ll attend the Summit. With Twitter and LinkedIn I have not seen the results of indicating attendance at the event. I’ll keep testing and let you know how things go. Remember, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are really different so it takes some testing to get your campaign right. Also remember, one platform might be better than another for some campaigns.

Social media advertising campaigns are low cost ways for small business advertisers to build an audience and sell.

Social advertising is simple: Test, educate yourself and test some more.


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