Why Is Twitter Phoning Small Businesses Helping Them Optimize Their Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Twitter AdvertisingLast week I received a Tweet (or maybe an email) from someone from Twitter. At first I thought it might have been someone from PR or business development or even marketing. It wasn’t. It was someone from Twitter’s advertising department calling to help me better optimize my advertising campaign on Twitter for the 9th Annual Small Business Summit.

If Twitter is calling me, I’m sure they’re calling thousands of others small businesses.

I’ve advertised on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google -no one’s ever called me to help me make my campaign better.

Am I impressed – yes?

If Twitter is looking at advertising campaigns and being in touch with advertising – small advertisers – to help them improve their campaigns – my hat’s off to them.

The lady who called me, didn’t tell me anything earth shattering, but she did give me some specific steps I could take to improve my advertising campaign. I’m impressed.

Publishers, like Twitter, who sell advertising know that if you can show a return on an advertisers investment, they’ll advertise with you again and again.

While you can help small businesses through a variety of online options, nothing quite beats a personal engagement with someone – via a phone call or in person meeting.

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