Local Retailers Must Be Up To Date About Local Search Changes

local search

local searchGoogle recently made changes to its search algorithm which affects local search results. Our friends at Small Business Trends reported on this here. As our world gets more and more mobile, mobile search will be the MAIN and DEFAULT search of most searches for local retailers.

Local retailers, especially smaller ones, should get very comfortable with local search and maximizing your search listings.

You need to know how to optimize your basic local listings on Google, Yelp, Foursquare and other local services.

When people search for information from their phones, most of the time the “local” search is activated and the resulting search will be customized to the area where the person is at – at that time.

Make sure you “claim” your business on all the major local search engines. Claiming means that local service allows you to edit and add to your local profile.

Make sure you have up to date reviews, offerings, closing/opening times, address and other details.

Don’t ignore local search – become an expert at it – it could make the difference between profitability – or not.

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