Biz & Tech Roundup: Event Marketing; WiFi Security; Wix and Hotel Websites

PRIVATE WiFi Unveils WiFi Dashboard to Alert Windows 8 Users When a Wireless Network Is Unsecure

PRIVATE WiFi recently unveiled a new free app — WiFi Dashboard — for Windows 8 personal computers and surface tablets, which will alert users when they are using unencrypted WiFi. Many hotspots — whether people access them in a hotel, coffee shop, airport, park, or are using an open connection at home — are unsecure. Any data sent or received over an open WiFi connection can literally be stolen out of thin air. The life of an SMB owner or employee is often one filled with mobile devices, connecting remotely, and blurred lines between professional and personal time. This new app alerts them, so that they can take immediate steps to not only protect their identity and personal information, but also safeguard the confidential data of their company and clients. @privatewifi

WiFi Security Launches Code-Free Event-Tech Solution for SMBs launched a code-free email marketing tool to integrate with their mobile microsites for events. For SMBs looking to compete in a tough market,’s comprehensive event-tech solution gives them a marketing edge, empowering them to leverage the live event to engage directly with their customers – both current and potential – and ensuring they have the technology available to maximize the impact of the event. Their latest feature makes free email marketing available to all small business owners so they can engage more effectively with their customers, manage their guest list and easily follow-up after the event has ended.


Wix Launches Booking Solution for Small Hotels:

Last week Wix launched WixHotels, a complete hotel booking engine that can be integrated into a Wix website. The new service, available in the Wix App Market, makes it simple to build and maintain the room inventory with pricing, booking, reservation and payment management capabilities. With the code-free and mobile-friendly app, hotel owners can even compile reservations made outside of the website and manage all of their inventory in one place. Small hotels can finally take the booking process into their own hands, professionalizing their reservation systems and avoiding having to pay high commissions to online travel sites. The new vertical is a part of Wix’s goal to allows SMBs to build, grow and manage their business in one centralized location. Read more here.

Wix Hotels


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