How A Zero Email World Is Possible With The Right Tools. A Look At Contatta

Inbox overload

Inbox overloadLast week I watched a webinar showcasing the power of Contatta. Contatta is a mix of Asana’s task managements, Evernote’s brain dump and Google’s email powers.

While Contatta’s platform is amazing, what I realized more is that to NOT be drowned in company email – you must be willing to change habits in two main ways.

One you must be willing to use your platform’s communication software (such as Contatta) and two you must be willing to live in it. While email is an inbox of dread systems like Contatta have built in intuitiveness that let you turn emails into tasks, tasks into emails and beyond.

(Note – mail outside your company is more challenging and you’ll have to live with that for the most part. But internal email – you can reduce it)

“The promise of Contatta is simple: it’s for business owners who want less email, fewer meetings, and more collaboration,” said Pat Sullivan, CEO and co-founder of Contatta. “The end result, you drastically reduce the amount of time spent in the inbox, and spend more time working on the activities that move your business forward.”

Whether you use Contatta or some other tool, first and foremost is HOW you use the tool and allowing it to help you reduce email clutt.

At Infusionsoft we use Jive, a different type of communication platform than Contatta, but I’m starting to use it for more communication – let’s see if my inbox gets less filled!


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