Cloud Battles: 5 Reasons Why Microsoft Beats Google in the Cloud

gvm copyWe’re gearing up for an epic battle that will take place on October 22 in New York City. It’s not a boxing match, nor is it an NFL game. This one is the battle of Google vs. Microsoft and at the 9th Annual Small Business Summit we’ll be talking specifically about which platform has the best cloud solutions for small business.

We’ve already devoted some Small Biz Technology coverage to this topic, where Michael Spadaro of Profound Cloud chose Google over Microsoft and gave us two major reasons why Google beats Microsoft in the cloud. Now it’s time to talk to Melanie Gass, president of CenterPoint Solution, about why she thinks Microsoft is the perfect solution for small business.

Ramon Ray met up with Melanie in a video conference recently to get a preview of what she’ll share at the Small Business Summit. You can watch the video here, or by clicking the play button below.

5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft

  • One Office 365 license is sold every two seconds, demonstrating that Microsoft took a program that was originally made for the ‘big guys’ and made it accessible and affordable for everyone
  • On affordability – Office 365 is affordable for any shoestring budget. The most you’ll pay is $20 per month and depending on your plan you can pay as little as $4-6 per month.
  • Office 365 eliminates the need for multiple software and apps like Dropbox, Skype and others because it combines multiple services into one (email solutions, web conferencing, document storage, document sharing and more)
  • Office 365 has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, meaning you’ll virtually always have access to your data. The guarantee is written into the contract and financially backed
  • Microsoft has an 800 number for Office 365 subscribers that is free, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, meaning you don’t need to pay someone else for maintenance and troubleshooting

Melanie has many other reasons why you should choose Microsoft over Google, and she’ll be sharing additional features and benefits on October 22 at the Small Business Summit.


In the end there is no ONE winner in the battle of Google vs. Microsoft – this Summit session is about letting small business owners know their options and find the solution that is right for their business. Make sure to join us for the Small Business Summit by registering here. After a thoroughly informative ‘battle’ you’ll be able to confidently choose the side that works for you.

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