Free Shipping: Real Facts and Options for Small Business

free shippingIf you run an eCommerce business you’ve probably been tempted to offer free shipping in order to get more customers. But simply offering free shipping can be a big mistake if you don’t know all the facts and figures to make it work.

I recently wrote a post for Endicia on Free Shipping – The Real Facts Every Small Business Needs to Know. The article covers three things that every samll business needs to know before offering free shipping as an option. Without knowing these simple facts, you could lose money and sales and see your small business crumble.

The article also covers some creative ways to offer¬†free shipping, if you’ve concluded that it’s a viable option for your eCommerce business. These methods allow you to offer free shipping in ways that allow you to measure and test what your customers want and what works best for your business.

So, if you’ve ever considered free shipping, or if it’s something you’re thinking about now, check out this article for all the facts and options available to you.

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