Marketing Isn’t Enough. How To Up Your Game with Customer Targeting

customer targetingYou’re a small business that is marketing like crazy in an effort to get new customers and sales – but it isn’t working. What’s going wrong? Why aren’t your marketing strategies bringing new customers to your door? Isn’t that how marketing is supposed to work?

You’ve just hit the harsh reality that sometimes marketing isn’t enough.

Big businesses have the budget to cast a wide net and bring in enough customers for a hefty ROI – picture the 30 second television ad that is seen by millions of viewers and prompts thousands of new sales. But small businesses, with smaller budgets, have to be more strategic.

Enter customer targeting.

Customer targeting is about knowing who your customers are and putting the right marketing message in front of them. It involves figuring out who you’re trying to reach, who will be excluded, how you will reach them, and what message you will send. Using customer targeting, the impact of your marketing campaigns are magnified. You’ll see new customers lining up, an increase in sales, and a huge ROI from your marketing efforts.

Obviously customer targeting isn’t easy, but the good news is that there are companies and resources to help you out. One such example is MyAcxiomPartner.

“We live in an increasingly digital and mobile world, where consumers are checking their smartphones 150 times per day. was created with the goal of combining the power of Acxiom’s enterprise marketing engine with the ease and flexibility of a self-service portal. Now, with the click of a button, businesses can target customers on mobile and social with the same precision they’ve been able to achieve for years with direct mail.”, commented Jeff Standridge, Vice President and head of Acxiom’s small and medium business strategy.

MyAcxiomPartner offers the following customer targeting services:

  • Marketing Lists – Order lists of customer or business prospects based on your customer profile.
  • Cleaning Your List – Clean up your list so you avoid wasting money targeting the wrong people (duplicates, wrong addresses, underage, those on the do not mail list, etc)
  • Enhance Your List – Using your list, MyAcxiomPartner can add information so you know more about your customers and prospects
  • Email Marketing – Get help with your next customer acquisition campaign through email
  • Mobile Ad Campaigns – Reach new prospects with precise customer targeting on mobile ads

MyAcxiomPartner is not a subscription service – you pay only for the products or services that you want to use. This allows you to try out customer targeting in a way that will work for your business and your budget.

If you’re a small business whose marketing efforts are not bringing in the results you’re looking for, it’s time to take a serious look at customer targeting. The tools are available to create focused prospect lists, to enhance your knowledge of customers, and to run targeted campaigns that bring in new customers. With a little bit of customer targeting, your small marketing budget can bring in huge returns.

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Jennifer Peaslee

Jennifer has a Masters in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame. She is currently working as a freelance writer, editor, blogger and researcher.

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