Shipping Is A Pain. 5 Ways Smart Retailers Do It Better.

Priority MaileCommerce is awesome. You just build your “ecommerce web site’, watch customers click and buy and you just collect money into your PayPal account every week – right? No! Shipping is tough.

  • If you’re shipping internationally and want to ensure it goes through customs faster, put a Harmonization Code on the shipping documents.
  • Endear yourself to customers. Once customers have bought from you, leverage the power of CRM and Marketing Automation to nurture customers so they buy more from you. Repeat customers, who tell others about you, are your best source of revenue.
  • Be a student of your shipping vendor. You should really know what the USPS, Fedex, UPS, and other shipping vendors¬†are up to. For example, the USPS reduced its rates. Did you know that? See Endicia’s infographic about this below.
  • Always look to how you can improve the overall design of your web site, including search functionality.
  • Shopping cart abandonment is a BIG deal. If you work hard to REDUCE shopping cart abandonment you’ll see an increase in profits.


Endicia USPS Rates



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