Small Business and Diversity: Join Us for a Twitter Chat September 11 at 3:30 EST

diversityI’m interrupting your workday to tell you about an event that you simply cannot miss – a discussion of small business and diversity that is happening today (September 11) at 3:30 EST.

This Twitter chat is part of a series of chats organized by Yahoo Small Business Advisor that will be happening all year long, at a rate of about one per month (two in October). Each session will be based on a topic that has specific value to small businesses.

Today’s chat features commentary by Small Biz Technology’s Ramon Ray, and the topic is “Diversity: Embracing Small Business Opportunities For and With All.”

We all know that diversity can be a hot button topic, but diversity – at its core – goes straight to the idea of the “American Dream” – the belief that anything is possible, for anyone, if you’re willing to work hard enough. This is how diversity and small business intertwine. Diversity – in whatever form – is what drives small business growth and economics, not only in the United States, but also all over the world.

It’s going to be an interesting discussion of diversity and small business, and I hope you can join in. If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat, the instructions below should help.

How Can I Take Part in the Twitter Chat?

Twitter chats are made possible when everyone uses the same hashtag to join the discussion. The hashtag for this small business and diversity chat is #YSBAnswers. Here’s how to get in on the action:

  • Log in to your Twitter account and use the search feature to search for #YSBAnswers. Alternatively you can just click this link.
  • The search results show you any tweet that has used the hashtag #YSBAnswers. The default (marked at the top of the page) is “Top” tweets, but to view the entire discussion select “All.” You can use either one to follow the chat.
  • Now you’re in on the chat! You can read the comments, and keep checking the top. As new comments come up you’ll see a message that says “X new results” – clicking on that will update the page with the new tweets that have been added since you last ‘refreshed.’
  • If YOU have something to say about diversity and want to participate in the chat, simply include #YSBAnswers in your tweet. The chat will be a Q and A format, so you’ll see the moderator ask a question and label it (for example Q1) and if you want to answer you would use A1 so people know what question you’re responding to.
  • I recommend having two Twitter windows open. Keep one window open to follow the chat (via the instructions above), but open a second window for your Twitter home page so you can tweet without having to go back and forth.
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Jennifer Peaslee

Jennifer has a Masters in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame. She is currently working as a freelance writer, editor, blogger and researcher.

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