Walking the Fine Line Between Effective and Creepy Personalization

personalizationPersonalization. It’s a word that is taking over retail these days, and nowhere is it more important than in ecommerce. Without the ability for face-to-face communication with the customer, online businesses have to think of clever ways to connect. Personalization can make a customer feel welcome and comfortable shopping at your website. It can also prove that you understand who the customer is and know what they are looking for.

Many websites are engaging in various forms of personalization these days. These personalization practices stem from collecting information about the customer so you can present them with relevant information later on. But these days, customers know they are being watched and they are increasingly demanding transparency. This creates a fine line for businesses between providing a personalized customer experience and just plain creeping the customer out.

In a recent Endicia blog post, Small Biz Technology’s Ramon Ray examined the issue of personalization and the fine line between being effective or being creepy. If you own an ecommerce business, this is something you HAVE to get right! To avoid ‘creepy’ personalization, read the full blog post here.

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Jennifer Peaslee

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