Want Your Emails To Get Delivered Better? Print Out and Keep This Neat Infographic.

avoid-spammingEmail marketing company Vertical Response provides a great overview of tips in how small business owners can better ensure their emails get through spam folders and other barriers to reach their intended destinations.

Vertical Responses infographic shows that you can directly influence whether your emails land in the inbox or the dreaded Spam folder. While the most important thing is to use a reliable email service provider, there are many other things that affect email delivery, including the health of your email lists, the content you include in your emails and even how often (or not) you send.
This new infographic from email service provider VerticalResponse summarizes some key dos and don’ts when it comes to making sure your emails go where you want them to go: the inbox.
  • Require your subscribers to opt-in twice; this keeps your list quality high. Don’t use purchased or rented lists.
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe so your readers don’t hit the “Spam” button, which can negatively affect delivery.
  • Don’t include HTML, Javascript or Flash in your emails.
  • Don’t send the same content over and over.
  • Keep your readers coming back with interesting content and offers.
  • Test all of your images and links; bad links could affect delivery.


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