Lovely Landing Pages for Lots o’ Lead Generation

Sept14How many new leads did your website bring you last week? If you cringed a little while considering your response, it’s time to rethink your landing pages.

What are Landing Pages?

Look online and you’ll find a variety of definitions for landing pages. For the purpose of marketing, it is important to differentiate a landing page from any webpage a person lands on. It’s much more advanced than that.

A landing page in the marketing sense of the word is a page that has a specific offer and an end goal of capturing visitors’ information. It’s a lead generation tool that, when used effectively, can bring high-quality new leads to your sales team.

With so much confusion about landing pages, many marketers are missing opportunities. To help you get more out of your online campaigns, here are five ways you can make your landing pages a little bit lovelier (and bring in massive amounts of new leads).

  1.    Rewrite Your Headline

The first thing your visitor sees is your headline. When writing the headline for your landing page, be specific. The less your visitor has to guess, the more likely he is to explore your offer in more detail. In many cases, you should also add emotional elements. This will trigger an emotional response and immediately engage your visitor on a deeper level.

Smart marketers test headlines regularly to discover what resonates and what falls flat. Doing a basic A/B test of various messages will show you which headlines generate the most leads.

  1.    Use Smart Buttons

The buttons on your landing page are what your visitor clicks on to take action and hand over his personal information. The placement of the button, the text used on the button, and the color all play an important role in whether or not the person clicks.

When designing your landing page, make sure the buttons are above the fold. Use bright colors to draw attention the buttons and encourage more clicks. Just like your headline, you will also want to test the copy on the buttons to see what inspires people to click and what falls flat. Simple changes, like using “I” instead of “you” can make a big difference.

  1.    Eliminate Distractions

Giving your website visitor too many options is a huge mistake. Each landing page should have one purpose only. Eliminate distractions to prevent your leads from leaving before handing over their information.

Remove the navigation bar from the top of the page. Instead, focus your visitor on one specific task; to click a button and fill out a form with his details.

  1.    Be Smart With Your Requests

The goal of your landing page is to generate leads. The more information your visitor has to hand over, the less likely he will be to finish filling out your request form.

When requesting information, only ask for what you need. In many cases, this will only be a name and email address. You can follow up later to qualify the lead, but the goal now is to capture visitor information.

Use a form, such as the Insightly Web to Contact form to automatically send your leads into your sales funnel and online CRM. This makes your landing page work harder for you, eliminating unnecessary work.

Let your sales team do what they do best – sell! With a well-designed landing page, simple form and automatic CRM integration, you’ll spoon-feed high quality leads to your team so that they can close more deals faster.

Kimberly Crossland is a copywriter. She helps clients develop landing pages that bring in quality leads. Follow her on Facebook to get more copywriting and online marketing tips.

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