Make Paying Invoices Easy and Get Paid Faster. Freshbooks Launches Payment Solution.

make payaments easyI work with many partners in the production of, Small Business Summit and Smart Hustle Magazine.

Some send me an invoice via PayPal, some send an invoice through Freshbooks and link to Zipmark, others send me an invoice and I send them a check.

What’s interesting is that those who make it EASY for me to pay them get paid first. One of my team members uses Zipmark – with about one click (and a second one to login) I can pay them directly from my bank account – nice.

Freshbooks announced earlier this month that they’re now integrating a payment solution into their offering.

Their press release reads – 

FreshBooks uses the WePay payment processor, giving users a secure way to accept credit cards online with the added benefit of viewing payment status within their FreshBooks dashboard. Once a payment is made, the payment information is automatically updated across the FreshBooks account, marking invoices paid and inputting relevant expense information. FreshBooks also automatically records refunds and chargebacks.

FreshBooks improves the user experience by simplifying the sign-up process and helping small business owners get paid faster. During the beta program, FreshBooks customers experienced firsthand how easy and seamless it was to collect online payments. In fact, 52 percent of invoices issued with FreshBooks’ payments offering were paid within the same business day, and more than 70 percent had been paid within the first 48 hours.

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